Reasons Why Your Back “Goes Out”

Many people see the chiropractor because their “back goes out”.  We as chiropractors refer to this as becoming subluxated. A subluxation refers to the misalignment or fixation in the spine in which we as chiropractors “adjust”.  There are three contributing factors that are thought to cause subluxations in the spine: thoughts, traumas, and toxins.

The first factor is thoughts.  This refers to the mental status of a person.  When a person is going through a difficult time, or as some think of it as “stress”, they are more likely to become subluxated as the body’s response to the difficult time.  For example, in times of stress for many individuals, they notice they get sick or run-down.  These are physical factors resulting from mental stress.  The spine acts in the same manner, becoming subluxated.  This is the reason we as chiropractors make sure patients find outlets to coping with stress.  Some of our favorite ways of coping with stress at Back To Wellness Chiropractic are, physical activity, reading, cooking, and making time for relaxation/family time.

The second factor as to why subluxations occur is traumas.  There are many types of trauma.  One of the most common types of trauma for individuals with back problems is over-use traumas.  Improper posture, over time, can lead to over-use injuries due to the body not moving as it should, putting stress on the joints of the spine.  For this reason, monthly spinal checks from the chiropractor to keep everything moving properly are important.

Another form of trauma commonly seen in the chiropractic office is post car accident (whiplash injury), slip and falls, or micro traumas like jumping out of a truck, all jolting the joints in the body.  If the muscles and spine are not taken care of properly following these types of accidents (big or small), long-term side effects can be debilitating, causing chronic pain. At Back To Wellness Chiropractic, we will address both the muscles and spine to ensure positive long-term outcomes.

The third factor for subluxations occurring is toxins in the body.  When most people think of “toxins,” they think of chemicals in the environment.  Toxin also refers to substances consumed.  When the body receives something “foreign” such as processed food, too much alcohol, and drugs (over the counter, prescription, or illegal drugs), it works harder to remove the substance from the body.  This can take a toll on the tissues of the body, leading to more subluxations and muscle tension.  At Back To Wellness Chiropractic, we are firm believers in drinking a lot of water to help flush the body and keep everything moving through the body in addition to getting adjusted regularly and consuming all natural ingredients in the diet.  When the body receives the correct diet with plenty of water, it is inevitable to feel better overall.

When you are ready to get on the road to better health, come visit us at Back To Wellness Chiropractic and we can help you meet your goals! We will direct your health Back To Wellness!